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Silicone Oils in Plastics and Rubber

Release Time: 2022-07-22 11:53:18

Silicone Oils in Plastics and Rubbers

New Requirements from Plastics and Rubbers Industry

To compare with other matured raw materials, the requirements of silicone rubbers like dimethyl Fluid, rtv rubber or rtv 2 silicone rubber from plastics and rubbers industries are pretty due to the late development of organic silicone oil liquid research. However, now the required amount of these materials are growing rapidly.

For polydimethylsiloxane liquid which rely on plastics additives and silicone elastomers, they meet multiple performance requirements across a wide range of industrial and consumer markets. They are mainly used to as raw materials to the direct products or the corresponding molds since they are soft and easy to be shaped.

Applications: Plastics and Rubbers

Among every market for plastics and rubbers, silicone company like shengbangfan who is also silicone liquid oil factory manufacturer and processors trust us and elastomer to meet their highly specialized performance needs. The following parts are some practical applications of dimethyl silicone oils in rubber & plastics.

1. Moldmaking.

Silicone oils could be used to make silicone plastic molds in architectural, fabrication & reproductions industries.

2. Rubber Fabrication.

Dimethicone liquids could be used  for calendering, compression Molding, extrusion, injection molding and liquid injection molding.

3. Rubber Consumer Goods.

Silicone oils could be used for food preparation and delivery bags, infant care bas, equipment of sports and leisure.


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