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Dimethyl Silicone Oil in Leather and Textiles

Release Time: 2022-07-22 11:42:49

Dimethyl Silicone Oil in Leather and Textiles

Perfect Finishing

For coating, protecting, lubricating, and softening leather and textiles, shengbangfan silicone rubber liquid, pdms oils and other silicone products can be tailored to match your precise needs.

From protecting leathers against moisture or abrasion, to reducing foam in production, to helping fashion textiles stay crisp and wrinkle-resistant, proven silicone products like OH Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane help customers to meet the needs of diverse consumer and industrial markets:

·Silicones for treating natural and synthetic leather keep leather soft and supple, modifying the touch, add water repellency, boost rub and abrasion resistance, and much more.

·With silicone-based performance enhancers, process aids and technical support, you can add unique moisture-management, wrinkle-free, stretch and recovery properties to consumer fabrics and textiles.

·Used in everything from airbag coatings to general industrial protective coatings, our solutions for technical textiles and engineered fabrics add unique protection and performance properties-including fire resistance, water repellency and abrasion resistance.

·In non-woven textiles, our silicone chemistry brings unique property benefits that enhance the value and performance via topical finishes, polymer melt additives and binder additives.

·Finally, our silicone textile printing inks meet the needs of both the branded apparel manufacturer and the screen printer alike.

Applications 1: Enhancing Products from Automotive Seats to Fashion Textiles

In practically every market for leather and textiles, manufacturers use silicones to meet their highly specialized performance needs. Check out some of our key areas below.

1.Fashion Textiles.

Shengbangfan silione oil liquid are proved to be applied in fabric finishing, fashion fabric coating, fiber lubrication, foam control and textile processing, lace and narrow fabric coating and screen printing.

2.Technical Textiles.

Liquid silicone oils could be used in many technical textiles likearchitectural textiles, industrial fabric coating, manufacturing and processing, material coupling and adhesion promotion, personal and property protection, pigmentation, sealing, bonding and seam sealing,sports and leisure textiles and surface treatment.


silicone rubber liquids could be add-on chemicals in finishing, synthetics and wet end.

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