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Dimethicone in Food, Beverage and Crop Protection

Release Time: 2022-07-22 11:35:06

Dimethicone in Food, Beverage and Crop Protection

Performance and Protection

Our proven, cost-efficient and certified silicone additives help producers and processors to do better in food, beverage, and crop protection industries.

We combines our industry experience and broad product offerings to help you meet your food and beverage needs from super wetters enabling crop protection, to antifoams for food processing. Our proven solutions for the food and beverage and agricultural industries offer you multiple benefits - including low cost-in-use, regulatory/agency compliance, reduced downtime and improved product effectiveness.

Applications 1:  Market-Aligned Expertise

Whether you are looking to improve your manufacturing process speed, or increase effectiveness of your agro chemicals, Shengbangfan has the solutions to help you achieve your goals with our dimethylcyclosiloxane while ensuring you comply with regulatory and agency requirements.

Applications 2: Crop Protection

to protect crops, silicone oils are always applied in the relevant fields like fertilizer production, fungicide production, herbicide production,insecticide production, pesticide production, plant growth regulation and tank-mix.

Applications 3: Food and Beverage

During Food and Beverage Processing, Food Grade Molds and Food Packaging silicones could be easily found.

Applications 4: Agricultural Antifoams and Defoamers

Dimethyl silicone oils are good materials to make antifoams and defoamers, they could be made in the industries below:

Food and Beverage Sealants

Food Contact Rubber

Food Grade Release Agents

Food and Beverage Coatings

Food Contact Release Coating Systems

Food Grade Antifoams and Defoamers

Wetting Agents and Surfactants

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