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Silicone Liquids in Chemical and Industrial Manufacturing

Release Time: 2022-07-22 11:30:02

Silicone Liquids in Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing

Urgent Demands from Chemical Industry

In the early age of chemical industries, carbons are the more frequently used materials rather than silicones. It is since the organic silicone science has been developed, now the silicone oils and other silicone liquids are more and more apappied in chemical industries like the common agents such as Hexamethyldisiloxane and Octamethyltrisiloxane.

Appications 1: Foam Control

Polyurethane Manufacturing

Flexible Molded Foam, Flexible Slabstock Foam, Microcellular Foam,

Mold Release and Other PU Additives, Rigid Foam Silicone Cleaning and Removal

Appications 2: Industrial Release

Concrete Release, Die Cast Release, Mold Release, Plastic Release, Tire Release

Pulp Manufacturing

Appications 3: Antifoams & Agents

Industrial Antifoams

Polyurethane Additives and Surfactants

Pulp Manufacturing Antifoams

Industrial Release Agents

Pulp Antifoam Performance Modifiers

Si Cleaning Agents

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